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Have a Heart Campaign

   Each year, as Valentine's Day approaches and marks another anniversary of the passing of Dan & Savannah, our foundation, board members, and volunteers begin our Annual Have a Heart Campaign. We deliver pink and gold hearts to local businesses to sell in honor of Dan & Savannah.  100% of the proceeds of the $1 pink hearts and the $5+ gold hearts go directly to the Calumet County Dive Team. To date, we have approximately 75 participating businesses in four counties. 










   During the opening weekend of Sturgeon Spearing our volunteers gather at the Quinney Quencher in Quinney and Harbor Bar in Stockbridge.  Our team sets up a SPIFF display, distributes ice saftey information, and sell hearts, raffles and 50/50 tickets. In recognizing this anniversary and the efforts of our foundation to make a difference in the community, the local news stations are always in attendance.  SPIFF also uses this day to present a check to the Calumet County Dive Team for the funds raised during the fall Drive to Dive Golf Outing.  In total, the heart campaign has raised over $10,000 and continues to raise more money each year, eclipsing $3000 in 2016.  Again, all proceeds from this campaign go directly to the Calumet County Dive Team. To become a participating location or to make a contribution please contact us.

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