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Pay It Forward

Grant Program
Savannah's Pay It Forward Foundation would like to support your Pay It Forward project!



Who is eligible?

Youth groups, schools, churches, community service organizations or any youth group with an idea to Pay It Forward.


When should we submit our application?

Depending on when funding is needed will determine which of three funding cycles you should apply for.  First semester project proposals are due August 1st, second semester December 1st and summer proposals are due by May 1st.


What types of projects are eligible for funding?

Any project that is youth lead with its primary goal of Paying It Forward to another individual or group.



Do I have to live in Wisconsin to receive funding?

No.  Applicants from across the country are eligible and encouraged to apply.  We have given several grants to fund projects outside of our community.  We believe that our concept is not contained to our area, but should be a national movement. 



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